Consult & Advise

Assess agile readiness, recommend transformation plan, help launch pilot projects, do periodic review of transformation.

Agile Health Index

We help clients assess the current state of project management process, development practices and the factors supporting and hindering agile adoption. We recommend agile adoption strategy including training, coaching, building internal people for sustenance for both existing agile transformation or new transformation.

The Agile Assessment consists of focus areas including

  • Agile Process (artifacts, ceremonies, roles, team / product dynamics)
  • Engineering Practices
  • Agile Culture
  • Product Ownership
  • Leadership Agility (team level) etc

Agile Transformation Strategy

Based on the assessment results, we identify the improvement areas & carve out transformation strategy. This consists of clear agile transformation goals with success measures.
Strategy will be set based on the improvement areas with timelines to achieve and commitment from team / leadership.

Pilot Selection for Agile Transformation

We guide the enterprise to choose the right project and teams for initial agile transformation, based on factors like the nature and complexity of the projects, the skills, experience levels, team attitude and choose the projects for transformation. This is to help them succeed in their initial step.

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